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Meditating in Nature
deb orewa.jpg
Deb Taylor  - Daya Devi
QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) Practitioner.
Yoga, Ayurveda Therapist.
Shamanic Cacao & Breath work facilitator.

Kia Ora.​ 

Whilst traveling the world I dived deep into many multi-dimensional healing modalities; such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Past life Regression, Yoga, Ayurveda, Vibration medicine, Shamanic Breath work and more, for over 20 years.

Now living in New Zealand, I am passionate about bringing these ancient healing wisdom's supported by modern science, metaphysics & spirituality to our community in the new earth, to help restore harmony, health & balance where appropriate.

Through my life’s work & purpose I have come to know we are all one, yet unique, intricate beings with incredible abilities to create & heal absolutely anything;  it’s a matter of trust, allowance, & invitation to our own multi-dimensional aspects of source energy.

It is my honor to support & guide individuals to connect with these parts,

to evolve with the souls purpose & peace for this lifetime & into the next.


"Deb is a true kaitiaki of this taonga (guardian of this gift) and I am beyond grateful for her wairua and manaakitanga (spirit and support) in guiding me through this life-changing experience" Kasia

Georgie face.jpg

Reiki Master & Crystal Healer

Mum of two amazing children, originally from Cornwall and married to a Cornishman.
Aside to being a healing practitioner; I love crystals and I intuitively design and make crystal bracelets that are cleansed and blessed with sage and Palo Santo and then charged with Reiki. I also hold crystal workshops. This is one of my creative loves.
Another passion of mine in this lifetime that is to help heal, support, empower and guide women towards stepping onto their aligned path towards reaching their full potential and understanding their purpose.

My awakening journey of only began just two years ago when I reached rock bottom; I had enough of thinking there was something wrong with me, I was depressed, overwhelmed and not functioning beyond survival. My turning point was when I found out I was an empath. Suddenly a lot of my life made sense! A whole new world of understand, love and healing opened. It’s  been a fantastical epic journey of discovery, soul searching, healing, empowerment, transformation and integration ever since!

I am now stepping into my power as a healer, a lightworker, a teacher and a compassionate courageous open hearted soul.

I feel privileged and honored to be able to facilitate at women’s retreats. They bring about so much healing, rejuvenation, hope, enlightenment and soul nourishment; in such a safe, open hearted and supported space, with so much non-judgemental and unconditional love. I feel blessed to be a part of this essential empowering service as I know this is part of my life’s purpose because it makes my soul sing!


Psychic Channel

Light Activator

Natali Brown is a Cosmic Quantum Master Healer, Light worker Activator, Psychic Channel, Spiritual Wellbeing Mentor, Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, Modern Day Alchemist and Light Language Channel.

Natali teaches how you can embrace and heal the shadow side to release past pain and old wounds. Through this process she helps you heal past lives, ancestral lineage, your inner child and family patterns. Free from these dense energies, you awaken to your deepest level of truth and activate your spiritual gifts and inner power so you can live a life of authentic self-expression and expand into divine loving sacred service doing more of what you love.

Through her incredible connection with Spirit and Divine Intelligence Natali channels an ancient cosmic healing energy coded through the heart, which is here to bring rapid transformation and healing to this world. She brings through ancient healing light codes of love and creativity helping you deeply connect with and remember the loving and peaceful essence of you. Deeply embodying her ancestral healing lineage and beautiful healing practices, she is able to activate and integrate multi-dimensional energies.


Her 1on1 and online programs, spiritual mentoring, energy healing workshops, Cosmic Quantum Healer Practitioner training, Reiki Training, blogs, the Soul Searcher Podcast and retreats helps you to heal and transform your life. 

Tania R face.jpg

Support Angel

I slipped on to this path of waking up 4 years ago, after many years of depression anxiety and copious amounts of medication (that did nothing but dull the emotions so I couldn’t deal with them). I had turmoil all through my life and many  diverse things happened,  I had no idea how much it would affect me later on in my adult years. I  believed if I wasn’t taking the meds things would’ve be so much worse for me. I put on a lot of weight due to the meds, over eating and sleeping my days away, I couldn’t work so had pretty much given up on myself, life and believed this was how it would always be for me. Over 4 years ago my doctor pushed for me to do a mindfulness meditation course. I had no idea how it would change my life. I started with 5 minutes a day and progressed each week, I kept it up and my mind set started changing. I slowly started waking up, feeling at ease with everything, I started changing my mindset as things just fell into place. I weaned of the meds over 6 months, found a job, changed my diet and lost over 36kg in weight! so in turn I started getting active and consciously decided to turn my life around. A huge part of my transition into waking up was attending and volunteering in our community of like minded souls at festivals, ceremony’s and woman’s retreats. The love and support I’ve felt over this time has been profound, also the connections I have made with my spirit family is unbelievable. This is why I’m here, helping wherever I can, and supporting these women retreats - to give back and be a part of something that has not only changed my life but many others too. It always amazes me to see a group of woman; strangers unfold over a weekend and become sisters, to witness the vulnerability, the healing, the connections, the emotions, the walls coming down, the power and the support that woman whom gather like this can achieve together is heart warming, mind blowing and incredibly healing! My journey has just begun and I am forever grateful to my sisters for holding this inclusive, unconditionally loving space for us all, no matter what paths we’ve been on. Arohanui

Samantha May

Sound Alchemy

My name is Samantha May, Sound Healing Alchemist from New Zealand.

My magic weaves light code transmissions using song and light language with the purpose of healing, activation and to ultimately align you with your true self.

These light codes channeled through my voice speak directly from my soul to yours and trigger an undeniable remembrance on a cellular level.

I combine this magic with other healing modalities including Reiki, Breathwork, and Meditation to offer a highly unique experience. I fully dedicate myself to the healing and activation of humanity, serving to anchor-in 5D energy into our earth.


During the Ritual & Remedy retreat I will be offering a sound journey with earthy and tribal shamanic tones gently blended with a high-vibrational and cosmic resonance. You'll get to bath in the blissful tone of each instrument I play including a medicine drum, rattle, chakapa, guitar and crystal bowls.

I will also be holding a rapésito circle for those who are open. Rapé or Hapé is a sacred tobacco snuff from amazon jungle used primarily by indigenous Brazilian tribes which has profound healing effects. Rapé is made from the ground-up and powdered ash of mapacho (native tobacco leaf) and other medicinal herbs.

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Camelia face.jpg

Holistic Massage

I'm Camelia Iordache.
A stress reliever, mood improver and massage therapist extraordinaire.

Camelia Iordache is the owner-operator of Relache Holistic Body Therapy.

She has 10+ years as a massage therapist and has trained in a range of techniques from deep tissue to aromatherapy massage. Camelia's understanding of the body, how to relieve it from pain and tension, and how to make people feel well through massage is why people keep coming back for Relache Holistic Body Therapy massages.

Ritva face.jpg
Ritva Maria

Intuitive Counselor

Ritva Maria is an intuitive counselor, guide and presenter who uses a wide range of skill sets honed over many years of study and experience.  With an unshakeable belief in our innate ability to rise above difficulty no matter what our history or circumstances she offers an approach that is thought provoking, insightful and ultimately transformational.

Grounded in healing principles of  spiritual psychology, quantum energetics, neurobiology and latest health sciences for Body,Mind,Heart and Soul , her focus is always on what works best  to give tangible results quickly and effectively. 


"more than ever  this world needs  us to to rise up to the challenge of healing our own hurts to  become a light that shines on the good in our own  lives and the world around us. The change we seek  starts with you and me ... ".

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Erin face.jpg

Deepening Connections

I am a mum to two boys, deep diving into what it means to be healthy, connected and whole in the world today.

My background is in psychology, keenly exploring the many different ways our minds work.  In more recent years I’ve developed a passion for holistic health to support the mind - body - spirit connection.

With a business in clean living & natural health supplements, and a passion for wholesome cooking, I am excited to help bring your food and offerings together for the weekend.



In Māori tradition, Papatūānuku is the land. She is a mother earth figure who gives birth to all things, including people. Trees, birds and people are born from the land, which then nourishes them. Some traditions say that the land first emerged from under water.

This great mother will be grounding, healing and holding us in all we dream and create through out the retreat and beyond.

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Sacred Songstress

Ariathea is the artist name of Georgia Duder-Wood: singer, sound healer, song leader and teacher of voice. Her music is original high energy cosmic soul, and seeks to uplift, inspire, and connect.  Georgia is a multi-genre adept singer of much international and national performance experience. As a teacher of voice and voice coach she works to empower groups and individuals with a joyous, holistic approach grounded in the freedom of expression for all.

Her extensive training in yoga, and the yoga of sound, combined with training in Ascended Master Consciousness, means she offers the healing power of sound to inspire, uplift and connect.

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