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Herbal Remedy, Ayurveda packs, Dosha Teas, Infused Body Oils

from the creatress of R&R, who loves to gather people, knowledge & insight through nature & universal wisdom to evolve, create & pass on unique versions of ancient ritual & remedies that treat relevant conditions, that will realistically flow with your modern-day life.


along with QUANTUM ENERGY HEALING, utilising the Healy device. Through ongoing sessions Kim will guide you in discovering what is most needed and tailoring a lifestyle program.

Aarons is a gatekeeper between the dimensions of humanity and the more subtle realms of consciousness. Through extensive practice, training, experience, and intuitive guidance, Aaron has developed his own unique method interweaving various modalities to help bring individuals into a deep state of well-being and wholeness. He is able to access your Soul Avatar form, the original essence of your being, and release deep layers of fear, trauma, pain, and distortions in your body and energy fields to assist you in the restoration of all that you truly are. He can provide precise clarity to obtain new levels of wellbeing, purpose, and joy in your life. His powerful techniques, abilities to work with inner dimensional spirit beings, and capacity to clear eons of separation patterns, create a powerful medicine to the body, heart, mind, and soul.


Ritva Maria of The Forgiveness Factor

Intuitive Healer & Support Angel. From the heart wisdom talk

Ritva Maria is an intuitive counsellor, guide and presenter who uses a wide range of skillsets honed over many years of study and experience.  With an unshakeable belief in our innate ability to rise above difficulty no matter what our history or circumstances she offers an approach that is thought provoking, insightful and ultimately transformational.  Grounded in healing principles of  spiritual psychology, quantum energetics, neurobiology and latest health sciences for Body, Mind, Heart and Soul , her focus is always on what works best  to give tangible results quickly and effectively. 

Rhiannon Mackintosh – RHInventive - Sacred Adornment & tools to help you step into divinity.  Angel Crystal Card Readings.


Camila of Relache

Wide range of Massage

Camelia is a stress reliever, mood improver, massage therapist for over 13 years - relaxation, deep tissue, Maori massage, holistic pulsing, Reiki

Elegant Empowerment
Georgina Curnow. Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. DoTERRA Advocate.
Handmade with intention, love and charged with Reiki crystal bracelets and high frequency Essential oil blends. Also available a selection of hand picked crystals, books and cards. Crystal Reiki healing will be offered. Feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed after having your chakras cleansed, aligned and re-energized. 

Wildercraft Studios - Handmade spiritual, ceremonial tools, jewels, & artwork

Natures Pulse - handmade craft creations - smudge fans, macrame, mandala dot art

Whakarongotai from Cuddle Connection


Christopher of Red Dragon - Palm / Hand readings / Astrology

Eclectic Rose 

Eclectic rose is a holistic shop with many varieties of items. Everything we sell is handmade by us or upcycled. We offer everything from candles and soaps, jewelry, bath salts, sacred (recycled) paper, spell bottles and fairy houses, to tarot readings and healing sessions. 



Our chocolate is organic, raw, completely free of lab food and refined sugars, 100% made from plants, gluten free, soy free etc and entirely hand made.

We offer chocolate coated fruit, nuts and cacao beans, single origin bars, chunky bars, cacao drinks, homemade lemonade, ceremonial cacao grade cacao powder and solid blocks, Ceremonial Cacao drink mix, and a fine selection of vegan slices, bumper balls and truffles. We also stock NZ Hempress oil and balm.


More offerings to come, like…

Reiki . Crystals . Oils . Jewelry . Carvings & more fun…

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