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Kim Daniela

 Tranformational & Health Coaching

Along with energy healing utilising the Healy device.

Kim will guide you in discovering what is most needed and tailoring a lifestyle program.

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Intuitive Empath

Clairaudient & Clarvoyant

My name is Vickie.

I genuinely love connecting with people. My style of reading is like a concise question and answer session. Ask me lots of questions on any topic.

I am also a medium and can connect with loved ones.

I'm a very down to earth person and I would be honoured to read for you.

Mobile: 021 2809741

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Emotion Code &

Energy Healer

I am guided by spirit on what is best for the individual in a session. Hands on healing allows me to increase energy flow, receive messages which can include seeing into a person’s past life/s to clear any blocks from that time. Also incorporated into the session is Light Language, Emotion Code, this is profound and life changing. 

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Sacred Adornment & Angel Crystal Card Readings

I’ve always been drawn to making sacred objects out of treasures found in nature. I also love to be surrounded by crystals and I bring them into many areas of my life. With these two elements, I enjoy creating healing talismans such as jewellery and wands for sacred, ritual use.

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve always expressed myself through my creativity, as an artist, graphic designer, paper crafter, jewellery designer and creator. 

I have been reading tarot and oracle cards for over 20 years and felt called to share my psychic gifts more widely, as a way to help people on their healing journeys.
I am also  second degree Reiki certified. This allows me to be a clear channel for the loving, healing energies of Reiki, which are assisted by the complementary and subtle power of crystals.

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Georgina Curnow

Elegant Empowerment

Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. DoTERRA Advocate.
Handmade with intention, love and charged with Reiki crystal bracelets and high frequency Essential oil blends. Also available a selection of hand picked crystals, books and cards. Crystal Reiki healing will be offered.

Feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed after having your chakras cleansed, aligned and re-energized. 

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Movement Medicine

Massage Therapist &

Energy Healer

Wolf Fearn is on a mission to change how our species Moves and views Movement. His expertise has seen him help hundreds of humans climb out of boxes the medical system has left them in with no help, freeing them of pain and guiding them to Rediscover the Freedom of Movement. He also has a passion for Movement in sports, working with athletes across multiple codes. You'll also find him upside-down standing on his hands more often than most people. He and his team would love to help you reach your full potential in Human Movement! Healers Stall intro The Life Force Movement is here to offer a wide range of means and modalities to help you help yourself. You are your own healer, but sometimes we need some help finding our way back to that healer inside, that's where we come in! Offering a range of Movement, Massage, Breath, Energy, Sound, and Meditative practices to help you, we'd love to help you guide rediscover the freedom of movement in all areas and levels of your life! If there's something you're not sure about, come and find Wolf in the healers space and he’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or offer some advice.

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Hand / Palm reading

Palm Reading is the modern form of the ancient art of interpreting character and temperament from the shape and lineation of the hand. It is not to be confused with ‘fortune-telling’ as its concerns lie more with the analysis and assessment of the patterns of a person’s consciousness than with describing one’s ‘fate’ or making ‘predictions’.

Modern hand reading is a powerful tool for gaining insight and self-understanding into who and what we are, a tool for the development of ourselves that we might live with more integrity and authenticity.

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Lisa Mullions

Ritual Oracle Tarot Readings & 



Ritual Oracle Tarot Readings & 


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James Digby

Jivana Healing

Jivana Healing will be offering Healing and The Quantum Leap, Quantum Conversations (intuitive readings involving poetry, tarot, iching), and Healy readings and treatments.

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