6.00 - 8.00pm  MATIU TE HUKI

Looping live, Matiu's soulful roots music has a strong Maori flavour, using haka, chants and traditional Maori instruments, backed by grabbing grooves, deep, beautifully crafted bass lines, funky rhythms and magical melodies that stay with you well after the show ends, all held up by a pillar of Pacific passion and top class technical precision. 


5.00-6.00pm   GRACE KELLY 


Auckland singer-songwriter Grace Kelly is thrilled to finally announce her first live shows to celebrate the release of her debut EP ‘before.’ – a collection of five catchy, upbeat tunes of feel-good country songs and heart-felt ballads.  Infectious lead single ‘That Girl’ is a sparkling blend of catchy effervescent pop and classic country music

4.15-5.00 pm Ora, Vida, Life 

Ora.Vida.Life are a group of Sacred Theatre practitioners who channel a powerful set of original songs, chants and dance. Using the body, voice, frame drum and guitar, Mexican performance artist Xiuh along with Kāren Hunter and Brooke Ora offer medicine for blood, bone, breath and heart.

3.15-4.15 pm  ARIATHEA 

Sacred Songstress

Ariathea is the artist name of Georgia Duder-Wood: singer, sound healer, song leader and teacher of voice. Her music is original high energy cosmic soul, and seeks to uplift, inspire, and connect.  Georgia is a multi-genre adept singer of much international and national performance experience. As a teacher of voice and voice coach she works to empower groups and individuals with a joyous, holistic approach grounded in the freedom of expression for all. Her extensive training in yoga, and naad, yoga, the yoga of sound, combined with training in Ascended Master Consciousness, means she offers the healing power of sound to inspire, uplift and connect.


2.00 - 2.30 pm  Samantha Denton-Giles

Sound Alchemist

Sam’s magic weaves light code transmissions using song and light language with the purpose of healing, activation and to ultimately align you with your true self.  These light codes channeled through my voice speak directly from my soul to yours and trigger an undeniable remembrance on a cellular level.  Sam combines this magic with other healing modalities including Reiki, Breathwork, and Meditation to offer a highly unique experience. ​

12.00 - 2.00pm​  CACAO & MANTRA with Jules & Lis

Cacao Goddess of Love Jules Bright & Goddess of Divine Loving Mantras Lis Martinac.

Together they lovingly co-create using Cacao, Singing Mantra & heartfelt song to take the audience on a transformative journey, creating blissful raw heart opening vibrations that ripple out to every being and beyond.

Hand & HEart Drum LOVE RAY Music Loop & Guitar

- The Time & Space Between -

Hand pan. Stage Jam. Drumming . Heart & Hand Drum dance


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