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Natural Nurturing PLAY ...

Rock painting, arts n crafts, origami, bubbles, cartwheels, games, music & dance, fairy fun, kids yoga, hula hoops, nature play & more...

Find out more about this creative play time & space for children in the workshops tab.

Epic family pass available only with ticket purchase from:


Sunday. 17 OCTOBER 2021. 8am - 10pm


Morning & Afternoon session

see days schedule  

Opening Labyrinth Spiral walk for children & Families 

with Sonya Lyn of Forest of Bohemia


Childrens Hypnosis

with Charlene McIntosh

11.30 - 12.30pm 

Using the power of our wonderful imaginations children can experience the most amazing feelings during these group hypnotherapy mini workshops, leaving them with increased positivity, confidence and overflowing with self-belief and love. Creating a link and giving them a tool to take with them to re experience these feelings on demand is a wonderful gift.      


Faery Asta Marama

with Emma Davis

10  - 11am for the 4-8 year olds

12.30 - 1.30pm for the 9-12 year olds

Join Faery Asta Marama as she takes you on a journey into your imagination using nature and the arts. Unleash your superpowers and learn about yourself through exploration and play. Find out how to activate your unique gifts so that you can share them with the world. Explore what's around you in your outer world  and uncover talents you never knew you had. Create whatever your heart desires. Above all, be silly, mischievous and have fun!


Love Rock Play 


Afternoon Art Rocks!

This Playshop is called the concept with a Wisdom circle & Guiding with reference to the Rocks as our Oldest Ancestors here on Papatuanuku & the sacredness of each one comes through. All ages welcome.


Nature Play

with Jasmine Starla Donald

Children's Nature workshop:1.30 - 2.30pm

Jasmine has over 15 years working with children from being a nanny and music and movement tutor for all ages to a fairy and face painter. We will grow into our favourite plants through poetry, play movement and voice games to help us express ourselves freely and create a dance together to share with our family and friends

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